Shenzhen Lepower Opto Electronics Corp.,Ltd.



Quality management

Passed in 2012
ISO9001:2015 quality system certification

Passed in 2014
ISO14001:2015 renewal review

Joined in 2014
International ZHAGA Technology Alliance

Lepower test laboratory

  • Integrating sphere test equipment

    Uses: Luminous flux, CCT, CRI, Luminous efficiency and other indicators.

  • Constant temperature and humidity test equipment

    Uses: low temperature -40 ℃, high temperature +100 ℃, relative humidity 85%, RH ± 5%, they can test and determine parameters and performancethe of products and materials after high temperature, low temperature, humidity or constant temperature environment changes, to make product performance get long-term use protection.

  • Oven

    Uses: 50-100 ℃, with constant high temperature environment, lighting aging test can be fully implemented, fully test the high temperature resistance life of lamps.

  • Thermal shock test equipment

    Uses: low temperature -40 ℃, high temperature +100 ℃, to do adaptability test of storage, transportation, use in the rapidly changing temperature environment. Testing product's chemical changes or physical damage caused by thermal expansion and contraction for product design, improvement, identification and testing, to make the product performance meet the predetermined requirements.

  • Vibration test equipment

    Uses: Frequency 5-200Hz, sweep 5-200Hz. Simulation of transport motion by vibration platform to make our products and packaging to withstand the worst traffic test.

  • Salt spray test equipment

    Uses: temperature 30-35 ℃, humidity ≥ 85%, RH, PH6.5-7.2, the level of product surface, corrosion test can be effectively carried out testing by sodium chloride liquor.

  • Rain test equipment

    Uses: drip water pressure 98Kpa (adjustable), shower pressure 90Kpa (adjustable), rainfall intensity 3-5mm / min. Rainy environment test enables our products to pass the harsh environment test.