Lepower: High Power LED lamp Beads Analysis


 As a leading enterprise in the LED encapsulation industry, Shenzhen Lepower Opto Electronics Co., Ltd. has witnessed the technological innovation of LED light source since its establishment in 2008. The high-power lamp beads development has gone through three stages: from the earliest 1-3W imitation lumens lamp to SMD2835 / SMD3030 SMD lamp beads, and then the flip 3030/3535 series now, The LED chips become more and more smaller ,reliable and cost-effective.

  As the originator of the high-power encapsulation industry ,imitation lumens beads used to be the only thriving of high power LED market. We could still find few application since its versatility, high market acceptance in the cast light, wall wash lights, street lamps and other lighting.In recent years, with the development of packaging technology, it has gradually declined.The SMD2835 / 3030 series are more cost effective and the encapsulation process is more concise which will replace traditional lumen products soon

  The LED industry is gradually becoming mature, the encapsulation pattern is subtle changes, in order to deal with large-scale battlefield, how to improve its performance to adapt to the development of the industry, this is not just a business problem. It is precisely because of the market demand for higher power and higher brightness, Lepower successfully developed flip FE30 / FE35 as the representative of the flip-chip EMC light source products, the market positioning of these products has been very clear: to replace the traditional 1W imitation lumens Products. The EMC3030 Platforms and 3030/3535 Ceramic Substrates enter the market with superb stability and cost performance. will replace similar XPG products finally.

  FE30 / FE35 series powerful performance is mainly reflected in the following areas:

  The FE30 / FE35 series are encapsulated without gold wire ,with imported EMC brackets. There are a lof of advantages ,such us high luminous efficiency, long life, low thermal resistance, small size, flexible size and easy application. EMC device applications provide a seamless alternative over conventional SMD LED devices, with significant advantages. First of all, SMD chip device is located in the light-emitting surface, the bonding of the metal wire is located above the light-emitting surface, both absorb the chip light, reducing LED luminous efficacy, EMC devices flip chip electrodes located at the bottom of the chip, does not affect the surface of the light , The leadless package directly avoids the absorption of light by the metal lead, the light emitting surface of the chip is transparent sapphire, the refractive index is between GaN and the encapsulant, the light matching with the encapsulant is better, and the light output efficiency is higher;Secondly, the SMD LED bonding wire is prone to cold joint, surge impact, anti-resistance to large current capacity is insufficient, and the package caused by thermal mismatch stress cracking and other issues, is one of the most weakest part of the dress

  The 98% of dead lamp rate is due to the broken gold wire, gold wire breakage will speed up the other parallel gold wire current load at work, leading to increased product instability, the increase in the death rate, mainly due to the structure of the finished product, the FE30 / FE35 reduces the wire bonding process, increases the production efficiency, and eliminates various reliability that may be caused by the bonding wire question.

  EPOWER FE30 / FE35 series has achieved LM-80 test report, in line with ANSI or ERP spectrophotometric separation standards.

  Supporting large current input, up to 1A

  In order to focus resources development of high-power devices, Lepower power device development ideas is "high-density LED technology", that is, we commonly known as high-power, small size. The so-called high power refers to the same package size to maximize power and light efficiency, so that although the single encapsulation cost change little, but the system integration costs reduce significantly

  FE30 / FE35 series is designed to uphold the original intention of this idea, support for 1A high-current input, the maximum power to 3W, luminous flux up to 400lm, much higher than the traditional imitation lumens products and flat EMC3030 products. Currently on the market IFC products support current input maximum up to 550ma, the maximum power of 1.5W, the plane EMC3030 products support the maximum input current of 350ma, the maximum power of only 1W. This makes illuminance and luminous efficiency of FE30 / FE35 better compared to the flat EMC3030 series or imitation lumens products

  Super hot channel, greatly enhance product life

  The FE30 / FE35 are several times more hot-runner than the traditional products due to the different fix chip process. FE30 / FE30 series uses a solder paste to fix led chip , thermal conductivity of 25-30W / (M * K), while the traditional products are mostly high-lead silver plastic fixing LED chip , thermal conductivity coefficient of only 1-2W / ( M * K), which effectively solve the problem of light source thermal conductivity, make the product more smooth hot channel, greatly enhance the service life!

  Patent Molding technology, to be customized light angle

  The FE30 / FE35 series features a self-contained innovative structure that is precision optics designed to accept a small angle of light exit, with a minimum angle of up to 30 degrees, which greatly satisfies some of the more directional lighting needs in special fields. The traditional products are almost impossible to complete. We take imitation lumens products as example , the minimum support angle of only 60 degrees. At the same time FE30 / FE35 patented Molding design, compared with the previous generation of flat packaging products, improve the light output rate of 10% -15%, at the same time due to an increase of the projectile area, make it easier for secondary light distribution.

  Market, technology and cost are complement and influence each other. Technological advances have spawned new application markets, while cost reductions have contributed to the penetration of technology into emerging markets. The rise of emerging markets has placed higher demands on technology and costs. This dependence is no exception to the LED industry, Lepower FE30 / FE35 series came into being in this environment, who making the technology and cost to the extreme, will become the king of high-power LED market segments, then to create the most value for customers!