Which is more important, scale or profit? A question to Lepower who mainly Focus on High-Power LED


“If everything goes on well, we will be a listed company in the China NEEQ stock market”,said by Ms.Qin Shengyan, the Deputy General Manager of Lepower.

  Lepower established in 2008, and is famous of high power led products with high light efficiency. “Focus on high power LED”is already the label of Lepower. In the year 2008, that was the start of prosperous developing of LED industry, but Lepower was in the downside period, as we insist to keep currency flow comes firstly, profit comes secondly, company scale comes thirdly.

  But when we come to the year of 2016, at the period of LED industry prosperous again, we adjusted our strategy, currency flow is still our first aim, but we reverse the position of profit and scale.

  Nowadays, LED products profit goes down a lot, from the report of most listed company, the net profit is among 5-10%.

  Many big companies are expanding their productivity, Nation Star and MSL and many other companies, are doing the same work contentiously. It seems that scales is becoming the breakthrough point of surviving and profit increasing.

  At the same time, Lepower is doing the evolution on flip chip LED, Lepower flip chip LED combines the solder and eutectic technique, and we are also planning to build up our own spraying line, and the technique level will be comparable with intentional suppliers.

  In fact, recently, the new products such as FE30/FE35 brings new ideas to the market, as these products could be used to replace the traditional 1W LED, and to be the higher level of flat top EMC3030 or ceramic 3030/3535, even replacing CREE XPG. Our products will go to the market with super stable quality and high cost effectiveness.

  “Frankly speaking, before we start the new products project, we worried about the market feedback, but now it seems our products are popular in the market, that made us be more confident”Siad Ms.Qin Shengyan, “Our FE30/FE35 is different from other products, we developed new lens to match the LED and gave a higher light output and easier light distribution solution”

  In April 2016, Lepower becomes the Shenzhen technique innovation committee technology research projector undertaker, we were supported by government from R&D capital and policy, we think it is also an admire to our new product.

  Though the flip chip LED does not have the advantage in quantity, but , its advantages make it be more optimistic, and it will be an irreversible trend.

  Whats more, now Lepower’s business range starts to expanding from LED encapsulation to lighting products, now we started to supply LED streetlights with 180-190lm/W, with the own produced LED, we can assure our quality, and the main market for our streetlights are in the developing countries such as Brazil, India.