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The awarding ceremony for the co-establishment of the internship base between Lepower and Shenzhen University was held in Lepower.

12/28/2018   Lepower    0

With the implementation of the strategy of rejuvenating the country through science and technology and the arrival of the knowledge economy era, the demand for talents in social development is growing, and the requirements for talents are getting higher and higher. In some aspect, the core of enterprise competition is talents competition. Shenzhen Lepower Opto Electronics Corp. Ltd (referred to as Lepower) is a leading company of high-power LED encapsulation and customized LED lighting solutions provider in China. It has also done a lot of substantive work in the training of professional talents, especially in the cultivation of R&D talents. After years of talent reserve and continuous construction of R&D team, Lepower have many high-level talents with more than 10 years of experience. At 2:30 pm on July 10, 2018, the awarding ceremony for the co-establishment of the internship base between Lepower and Shenzhen University was held in Lepower.

Zhang Dengguo, deputy dean of the School of Electronic Science and Technology of Shenzhen University, Associate Professor Liang Zixian, and Associate Professor Zhu Ling attended the ceremony. Ms. Qin Shengyan, General Manager of Lepower, Mr. Qin Jizhang, Marketing Department, and all the participants express warm welcome to the arrival of Vice President Zhang Dengguo of Shenzhen University and others guest.

At the awarding ceremony, Mr. Qin Jizhang from Lepower gave a detailed introduction of the company's overall structure, development history, market overview, qualifications and honors. The leaders of Shenzhen University expressed their high praise for the corporate culture, R&D technology and development prospects of Lepower. Ms. Qin Shengyan, the general manager of Lepower, discussed the process of building an internship base with the leaders of Shenzhen University. Both parties hope that through the signing of the internship base, they can provide a real training platform for students to improve professional skills and comprehensive qualities of the students. At the same time, General Manager Ms. Qin also said that Lepower is warmly welcomes of the student to join our family. In the future, we will grow together and make progress together. Later, in the warm applause, Vice President Zhang Dengguo of the School of Electronic Science and Technology of Shenzhen University awarded the ‘Shenzhen University Internship Base’ plaque to Lepower.

Subsequently, Ms. Qin Shengyan, the general manager of Lepower led the vice president of Shenzhen University, Zhang Dengguo, and others to visit the company's exhibition hall and production workshop.

The awarding ceremony aims to inject new impetus into the common development of Lepower and Shenzhen University. In the follow-up, Lepower will conduct a deeper cooperation in production, learning and research with Shenzhen University, and launch a “training class for enterprise talents”. Through school-enterprise cooperation, we will achieve complementary advantages and mutual benefit.

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