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Fire safety emergency drill in Lepower/ Stop it in advance, we are ready

12/28/2018   Lepower    0

2018 Industrial Enterprise Safety Production Emergency drill was held on Sep.,7 in Lepower industrial park.This drill is held by Shenzhen Lepower Electronic Opto Corp., ltd,combined Shiyan Subdistrict Office and Shenzhen You’an Security Technology Co., Ltd.It aimed to implement the emergency plan for the safety production accidents of industrial enterprises in Shiyan Street, enhance the fire safety awareness of all employees, and do a good job in the safety emergency prevention of the company's industrial parks. All staffs from Lepower attended it.

The drill included two parts:desktop deduction and practical exercises.In desktop deduction part, the staffs get the knowledge of fire knowledge training, police evacuation, fire fighting and safety ambulance.After this,an emergency rescue simulation scene which Hazardous chemical fire accident was done on the workshop on first floor of the company.

With the ring of the alarm,the drill started. The employee reported the emergency to the exercise command when it happens.Then the command took action on emergency plan:Organize the teams to rush to the scene as soon as possible, evacuate the workshop staff in an orderly manner, pull the cordon, cut off the power of the workshop, extinguish the fire, rescue the injured, etc.

At the drill site, the technical experts explained to the staff at the scene how to use the dry powder fire extinguisher, the fire-fighting steps and the essentials, and demonstrated how to extinguish the fire. Staffs tried it and learned more.

At the end of drill, leaders from the holder made a summary.the process and results are highly appreciated.They hoped that all people can strengthen their safety awareness and base their duties on the job safety.


Trained by this drill, employees in Lepower improved their knowledge on  fire prevention,control and scientific escape skills and emergency response capabilities. Thanks for the support and supervision from Shenzhen Government, Bao’an District Safety Supervision Bureau and Shiyan Sub-district Office.In the future, Lepower will continue to carry out emergency drills, improve emergency rescue system of us , create a safe and harmonious working environment for employees, and build a fire safety “firewall”.

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