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Lepower: LED lighting industry top feast, an unprecedentedly grand occasion - Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition

06/15/2017   Lepower    0

  A four-day global LED industry's top feast, the 22nd Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition (hereinafter referred to as: Canton fair), held successfully in China Import& Export Fair pavilion from June 9th to 12th.

  (crowded in the trade show)

  As the largest and most influential event in the lighting industry, the exhibition area has over 220,000 square meters. The range of products include LED materials, chips, epitaxial wafers and components, LED packaging, modules, appliances and finished products, LED technology, professional lighting, lighting accessories, lighting production equipment and so on.

  As a listed company in LED lighting industry, Shenzhen Lepower Opto Electronics Corp., Ltd (Hereinafter referred to as "Lepower") unveil its three major brands in the Light Asia Exhibition: the lamp beads Lepower, the lighting module GALUX and the intelligent lighting product IOIDEA.

  The new products attract popularity in the trade show

  Located at stand B-30 in 10.2, Lepower brought three major brands: Lamp beads (Lepower) - linear AC, ceramic 3535 and EMC3535 lamp beads; lighting module (GALUX) - high luminous efficiency 5050 street light module, variable color temperature intelligent street light and L16 new street light (radar sensor intelligent street lamp); intelligent lighting product (IOIDEA) - controller and radar sensors as well as other intelligent lighting components.

  (Linear AC, ceramic 3535)

  (Integrated COB series)

  (Flip Chip COB series)

  The booth is beautiful with fashion and high-end design; Vibrant and energetic staff behaved with passions and professional; The three major brands of new appearance, with very simply sense and high technology, attracted a large number of both domestic and foreign exhibitors. Some of the exhibitors involve in exploring and understanding the feature of the product; some of them are sitting on both sides, listen carefully to the introduction by the staff; there are some viewers, draw attention to the product itself, carefully looked at the specifications of exhibits Attributes. From their face we can see that they are both surprised and look forward on Lepower new products.

  (Booth is packed)

  (staff communicate actively with the visitors)

  (Mr.Junyi Qu, chairman of Lepower, discussing product technology with Guoqing Tang, director of the semi-special committee of China Illuminating Engineering)

  (Foreign customers discussing the product details with Ms.Xiang, dept. manager from Lepower)

  (staff introducing Lepower module to foreign customer)

  (Customer takes a closer look at deluxe edition of Lepower LED mining lamp products)

  Media reports, live interviews, and new products

  The exhibition also attracted more than 100 senior media tracking reports, including the Xinhua News Agency, China news agency, CCTV "news network", CCTV Finance, Phoenix, People's Daily, Wall Street Journal, Lianhe Zaobao, Wen Wei Po, Japan Economic News, and network media like Aladdin lighting, Purcell media, Ofweek and so on.

  On the morning of June 10th, Mr. Shunpeng Ying, vice-General Manager of Lepower, received an interview with Purcell Media at the reception area.

  (Mr. Shunpeng Ying, vice-General Manager of Lepower, in interview)

  On the afternoon of June 11th, Mr.Fangli Cai, who is in charge of marketing dept at Lepower, received an live interview with Ofweek website.

  (Mr. Fangli Cai, Head of Marketing Dept. from Lepower, in interview )

  Manager Cai introduced the latest products, technologies and solutions to the audience through the OFweek video broadcast.

  (Mr. Fangli Cai, Head of Marketing Dept. from Lepower, introducing light source products to the reporter)

  (Mr. Fangli Cai introducing light module products to the reporter)

  Manager Cai also said that Lepower set up nine years to do five things: structural upgrading, light color upgrade, product upgrades, bracket upgrades, process upgrades. In the future planning, Lepower will be developed into more segments.

  (Booth Case Wall)

  Lepower people committed themselves to the independent R&D of LED lighting products through more channels by invited to accept the major industry media interviews. This is an international business style, but also a national go-ahead enterprise.

  (Lepower on-site personnel)

  (Lepower Heroines’Photos)

  (Mr.Junyi Qu, chairman of Lepower, with Guoqing Tang, director of the semi-special committee of China Illuminating Engineering)

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