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Lepower releases new commercial lighting weapon - ceramic COB light source products series

10/19/2016   Lepower    0

  In recent years, with the intensified market competition, LED packaging companies gross profit margins are declining, especially the performance of traditional lighting components is more obvious. Enterprises want to break through to achieve greater value, continued product innovation is an essential survival weapon

  To meet the commercial lighting market needs that required high CRI, high reliability and low light decay COB light, Lepower releases new ceramic COB light sources: 1313 series, 1919 series, 2024 series and 2828 series, power covers from 3W To 55W, to meet the design requirements of a variety of indoor commercial lighting, and CRI more than 90, application products in its light are full of color, strong performance, greatly contributed to the volume increase, the product has been widely recognized in the initial sales, the series can be applied to high-end clothing lighting, hotel lighting, decorative lighting, fresh food lighting etc. fields.

  Products in high-end clothing store applications

  Products in the fresh food market applications

  Lepower has three major advantages with ceramic COB products series

  1: Good insulation, high voltage

  Due to the high insulation of the base, the ceramic COB light source products can withstand high voltage up to 4000V and high safety, which can be matched with the high voltage and low non-isolated driver to meet export safety certification, reduce the driver cost and improve the driver efficiency. Insulation with high voltage to protect personal safety and equipment protection, to make the product highly integrated, reduced size.

  2. Superior air tightness

  Ceramic base’s thermal expansion coefficient closes to the silicon chip, it will not break  LED chip and welded lead wires by temperature changes, leading to decay and dead lights.

  Non insulation layer, the path of heat dissipation is copper layer → AL2O3 ceramic layer, high thermal conductivity; in the thermal shock, the circuit’s oxidation resistance and anti-sulfidation performance are especially good.

  3. High luminous efficiency, high CRI, small color tolerance, and low decay.

  Due to the high reflection efficiency of ceramic substrate, Lepower COB high efficiency can reach 120-150lm / w; Recemmended CRI is 80 and 90, the light spot is soft and full, and R9> 10, without glare and zebra pattern; the color tolerance is less than 3, good color consistency; less than 2% of 10,000 hours light failure.

  With the packaging technology innovation, besides the original traditional indoor lighting market, high-power ceramic package has begun to gradually penetrate car headlights, Flash LED, UV LED and other fields. Thus, it's worth looking forward to the prospect.

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