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Lepower new COB-Flip light source highlighted on Shenzhen-Hongkong-Macao-International Auto Show

06/14/2016   Lepower    0

  The most important event in China's automobile industry, the Shenzhen-Hongkong-Macao-International Auto Show, was held at the Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center from June 4 to June 12, 2016.Lepower shares with the new flip COB light source D4060B It is reported that this exhibition to "Pioneer Cities and Wind Motor Show" as the theme, the exhibition area is up to 120,000 square meters, attracting 109 car brands both in domestic and foreign

  Lepower COB light source-flip D4060B, using gold-free encapsulation technology, independent research and development of new welding technology, making the connection of chip and substrate more solid and reliable ,almost zero dead light rate

  In terms of current and voltage, D4060B has powerful performance, input current has 1.5 times as the traditional equivalent of the same products . with standing COB light source lamps , the lamp body is smaller, luminous efficiency is higher

  At the same time, D4060B has a remarkable performance in terms of light efficiency and thermal resistance. D4O60B is designed with the industry's new superconducting material - ALC aluminum substrate, the thermal conductivity is up to 120W / M.K, using glueless process, integrated circuit substrate, greatly reducing the thermal resistance, the light efficiency is also significantly superior to the traditional dress.

  In terms of the current market prospects, flip-chip products are very promising, will replace the traditional light source products soon , which is widely used in aviation communications, commercial and residential lighting, urban lighting engineering, road lighting and many other areas, it is worth in-depth attention.

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