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Congratulations: Lepower won the "2015 China LED lighting application 100 enterprises"!

12/05/2015   Lepower    0

  On December 3, 2015, meeting sponsored by the China building decoration association "pulse, sally, anticipation - 2015 time summit summit, the sixth China LED lighting application and development trend of China's LED industry BBS" in Guangzhou, and on the same day and 2015 China enterprise of LED lighting applications, 2015 China lighting engineering TOP 30 enterprise awards.

  As a national, fully authority in the field of architectural decoration contest, the purpose of the campaign is to strongest LED lighting industry in China, the optimal quality, best reputation of the enterprise and brand to the decoration industry and users across the country for a strong recommendation from the selected application TOP 100 enterprises every year at the same time, in the light of the current application of LED lighting industry can reflect the overall strength level, the competition between enterprises to grasp the current industry situation.

  In 2015, the success of China LED lighting application of the TOP 100 enterprises awards ceremony was successfully held, which further set an example and a benchmark for the industry.

  Since June of this year, China building decoration association, China building decoration research association, China building decoration association building electrical branch authority to run nearly 1000 LED lighting companies to strict qualification examination, review, finally selected 2015 "China TOP 100 enterprise of LED lighting applications.

  The Shenzhen Lepower Incorporated Company. (hereinafter referred to as: Lepower CORP) .In the selection, Lepower CORP won the "2015 China enterprise of TOP 100 LED lighting applications”. and at the summit on the scene. So far, Lepower CORP has been awarded the honor for two consecutive terms (China LED lighting in 2014, China LED lighting in 2015).

  In the contest, the purpose is to strongest LED lighting industry in China, the optimal quality, best reputation enterprise and brand to the decoration industry and users across the country for a strong recommendation, discern good or bad, foster enterprises become the development of the industry benchmark.

  Current LED lighting industry, and all areas of manufacturing industry, the whole country into the depth adjustment and transformation, appeal transformation urgently , but effect by the current economic downturn slowed, the influence of the global market demand, many enterprises do not know how to transition, or in which direction, even what should the transformation is a realistic problem urgently...

  Around the summit theme "pulse, sally, anticipation," industry various leader, integrated product line and sales chain of well-known enterprise leadership and medium-sized enterprises representative speak freely, published thinking in China LED lighting industry trend. As this year to run enterprise, set the photoelectric by quality, production, technology and industrial innovation advantage, present enterprise strong face, although the overall economic growth is slowing, but the LED industry continues to develop, no doubt, and it must have the rise over the next decade, enterprise must combine its own advantage, to find and develop the appropriate market segment, then will get better develop way.

  Huang Ming (third from left), the manager of Lepower Marketing Department, took over the plaque of "2015 China LED lighting application top 100 enterprises" in the sound of music.This award is a recognition of the efforts and achievements of Lepower CROP in the past year. Lepower will cherish it and believe it is not the end of honor but the departure of glory.

  In recent years, Lepower CROP has developed rapidly and the outstanding product, architecture, integrity, innovative strategy, in the field of package components and engineering has achieved excellent results, also to develop overseas markets and won widespread praise, has won this award.

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