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LED outdoor lighting industry slow growth, the industry looking for a breakthrough

11/06/2015   Lepower    0

  2015 China LED Outdoor Lighting conference , China Lighting Society Secretary-General Dou Linping pointed, to see the LED street lights on lighting point view, the 4 main problems are light efficiency, distribution of light, light fades and color temperature.

  (China Lighting Academy Secretary Dou Linping speech)

  Dou LinPing think LED street lamp technology updated quickly in recent years, optical performance increase quickly, however on CCT and efficiency, LED products defects still exist in applied to outdoor lighting, firstly the CCT is too high, lead to weak light penetration. Secondly, the lighting efficiency is low, from the perspective of safety, the government departments still have concerns about the promotion of LED.

  In fact, although the industry of different versions of advantages and disadvantages of LED street light, but in recent years as large area promote pilot region of guangdong, the LED street lamp in energy saving, security, stability, etc., has been far beyond the traditional sodium lamp. Lv Degang, general manager of Shenzhen Lepower Crop, believes that the popularity of leds in outdoor lighting has brought unprecedented opportunities to enterprises.He said the development trend of LED outdoor lighting will focus on the development direction of low CCT, high luminous efficiency and low cost. At present, the LED street lamp module from Lepower, adopt the strategic partner the pury special phosphor powder preparation, the luminous efficieny over 160 lm/w) at the same time guarantee the color temperature of 2850 k, effective to solve the contradictory between the color temperature of LED lighting products, can completely replace the traditional high pressure sodium lamp.

  Relevant data shows that China's LED outdoor functional lighting market reached 14.7 billion RMB in 2014, an increase of 22% year-on-year.It is predicted that the number of leds installed in the world will increase by four times in the next five years.In the face of huge market expectations, LED companies in China have been making large scale through listings and acquisitions. But international lighting companies such as OSRAM and PHILIPS begun to scale back.

  "LED global research and development and manufacturing centers must be in China in the future, and the refinement of products may be the way for small and medium-sized LED enterprises to face competition.The first is to use its own advantages to do well in the market segment; The second is to improve product performance; The third point is the cost performance promotion, a product wants to seize the market, the cost performance is always the theme.”Lv Degang disclosed that. In recent years, Lepower’s revenue growth of 101%, net profit compound growth rate of 256%, in 2015, landing the Forbes China top 100 potential enterprises, the company in early May for a new round of expansion of factory, nearly three times more than before to expand production capacity, production line increased by 40.

  In addition to the outdoor lighting area, Lepower can provide customers with a complete set of technical solutions for the encapsulation, optical design and whole development of the high-power LED light source. A prototype by China LED the first gold medal of the street lamp module, use MLA (MICRO LENS ARRAY) surface light emitting chip technology, the industry first "up wide bottom narrow" fins heat dissipation structure, optical lenses combining independent research and development, production module over 170 lm/w, higher technology leading position in the industry.

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