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Lepower Family Team Building Activity in Autumn

11/08/2021   Lepower    0

Lepower conduct a office team building activity in the beautiful Huidong Xunliao Bay on October 30, 2021, in order to enhance the team cohesion of employees, stimulate their work potential and enthusiasm, and create a good cooperative and enterprising corporate culture atmosphere.


At 8:00 am on the 30th, starting from the company, it took about 2 hours by car to reach the destination of this team building: Huidong Xunliao Bay. It is one of the cleanest bays in eastern Guangdong for hundreds of kilometers.

The team building activity held in the Xunliao Bay Tourism Scenic Area consists of four parts: "Outdoor CS Battle", "Crazy Off-Road Vehicle", "Beach Fun Games", and "Kayaking Experience".

First stop: outdoor CS battle


Second stop: crazy off-road vehicle


Third stop: Beach Fun Games


Fourth stop: kayaking out to sea


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