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“2016 lepower corp Flip chip led new products announcement& strategic partner signing ceremony was solemnly held on June 10th, 2016 at LEPOWER booth of Pazhou Exhibition hall Guangzhou(10.2 B20). The following important guests presented, Ms.shengyan Qin-General Manager of Lepower, Mr.Shunpeng Yin-Deputy General Manager of Lepower, and Bridgelux Asia-pacific area president Dr. Jianhua Wen,  Elec-Tech International Co., Ltd Chip department Vice president Dr.Mo Qingwei, Skynoon tech Deputy General Manager Mr. Huaxin Yang, at the same time, we also honored to invite the General Secretary of CIES Semiconductor committee Mr. Fei Zhao, and Mr. Guansheng Zeng from China Building Decoration Association.

The meeting began with a speech by shengYan Qin, the General Manager of Lepower Corp.Qin firstly thanked the leaders and guests who participated in the conference, at the same time she made a brief introduction on the LED package productdevelopment process since Lepower established : "In the led light source aspects ,there has been experienced three major technological innovations since inception in 2008 , from the first light source 5012 with injection stent to copper bracket4046 , then today launched flip chip new D4046 series, FE30 / FE35 series, Lepower has always been with a keen insight into the user , continuing technological innovation and improving the quality of management to driving forward"

What followed is the New product launching event ,which hosted by LEPOWER Technology department senior engineer Mr Feiyu Liu. Mr Liu introduced company’s new product: flip chip EMCF FE30/FE35 series, and flip chip COB series, and details in product structure design, quality standard, inspection system, application market etc. Currently LEPOWER flip chip LEDs have a widely application in outdoor lighting, car lights and stage lights etc.

Strategic partnership signing ceremony that followed, Ms. Qin, general manager of Lepower Opto Electronics, respectively with Dr. WenJianhua, president of American Bridgelux Asia-Pacific region, and Dr Mo Qingwei, vice president of BDO Runda chip division signed a strategic cooperation agreement . This marks Lepowergetting more technology support in future in LED lighting solutions, COB Light Engine settlement program, high condensing optical design solutions and efficient cooling solutions , and will lay the cornerstone for the development of innovative products


Good products need excellent marketing team .In order to serve well of our customers,Lepower and SkyNoon achievedagreement on distribution partnership.SkyNoon is authorized to be the exclusive distributor of Lepower’s flip chip-series products in China.Mr Shunpeng Yin , the Vice general manager of Lepower signs a distribution agreement in launch event with Mr huaxin Yang , the vice general manager of SkyNoon .

At last, the launch event coming to the question portion by the media reporter ,Shuan Peng Yin(Deputy General Manager Of Lepower ) and Feiyu Liu(Senior engineer of Lepower technology center) answered a serial questions to the presence of distinguished guests and media reporters about flip chip products .Lepower always focused on improving led parts performance standards and technological level ,to improve product performance with innovation technology contiouously .We will start from Flip chip LED,and continue to uphold the spirit of innovation,to make a positive contribution for energy- saving career.